Mass Media and Gender Stereotyping

Gender stereotypes in mass media, having a huge potential in today’s world, reaches a wide and large audience. Often, senders use stereotypes and the reason behind this is that it helps them create a medium which is universally accepted and understood so that it fills up our social lives.

As discussed by many Media Theorists and Experts, Mass Media has the power to influence and affect people’s lives by structuring their beliefs and behaviours through the information and entertainment they give to their global viewers. Some can refer to the hegemonic idea and say that Mass Media really controls the social life by choosing and dominating what exactly to show the audience. This is happening not only through Media, but also through schools, churches and various other institutions.

Media has the ability to produce domination by only making elites the centre of attraction while neglecting the other junior categories in society. With respect to gender roles, society has always put forward males by benchmarking of male dominance over females. A simple example would be men have been known to the the head of the family while women primarily remain housewives.

Mass Media can and does represent some social groups in the bad light. Due to the fact that majority of the manipulative messages are being sent out to people, they are creating an image of the other dominating group while this could still be untrue. The aftermath is that the world only sees what is being showed to them, which is incomplete and wrong. People find it challenging to be indifferent even though they know what is the truth and what is not.


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